Pride as a source of errors in the Church


Lord Jesus:  Man commits (…) errors by serving man more than God. Always pay more attention to please Me and you will avoid mistakes of which you are not aware. I will not be explaining to all men My every mystery. It is sufficient that you follow the centuries old laws of the Church and everything will be in its place and the liturgy will possess its former power. By meeting the needs and the desires of man, the sacrifice of the holy Mass, the sacraments of the Church are reduced, are laicized, lose in their power and value, because they are taken away from God and adapted to man; thus they are reduced from the perception of God to the perception of man, and so they head from Omnipresence to nothingness, from Beauty to ugliness, from Perfection to infirmity. Man is weak and sinful and God is Perfect and Holy; and so by adapting the Church and its laws to man, you automatically move the Church closer to sinfulness and weakness, and take away its holiness and beauty. This must not be done.

This is the effect of the all-encompassing pride that has set in in My Church. Instead of respecting the law of the Church and the liturgy of the celebration of the Holy Mass and the sacraments revealed by His Creator, man started to “improve” by himself this realm after God, as if God could have created something imperfect that does not quite please Him. I have been satisfied with the liturgy that has been practiced for centuries; it is the pride of man that pushed him towards changes. Pride is the domain of Satan. Where there is pride, there is Satan. Where is Satan, there is no love and respect for God.

So My daughter, not all the errors in the Church have been implemented on purpose.  A part of them is the result of ordinary human pride. The one who enters the Church without the purpose of listening to My commandments and realizing My calling, who does not enter the Church as nothing that only wants to hear what His Lord desires, who does not enter it as a servant, this one cannot bring it profit because there cannot be two lords in one tabernacle. And so My position as Lord in My Church is challenged (…).

Of course I can stop the errors by revealing Myself to everyone individually and showing the mistakes. However, man has received the gift of free will and evil also has its own laws, and so the sin and its consequences are present and spread through the whole world. The consequences of one man’s pride are sometimes the sins of many generations. I cannot stand behind every sin and extinguish its consequences, because I would not be just. The world is ruled by its laws. It must repent for its sins. It must pay for the blocked graces. If I were to remove the consequences of every sin, the world would not be free; it would not be true, because people would sin without bearing the consequences of their sin. The Church must pay Me for this pride and it is paying.

Translated from : Kompendium III z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 9-16), Warszawa 2014, p 40-41