The present time is the time of the Holy Spirit


St. John the Apostle:  Remain faithful to the Word that God has given to you. Only this Word is a model for you. Not another. Hold on thigh to the Holy Scriptures and the Messages. Errors are everywhere. You have no idea how many errors have been dispersed over the whole world. This is why it is so important at present to adhere with the whole heart and life to the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. No man will be able to discern between truth and falsehood without His assistance, because Satan has specialized himself in mixing bits of falsehood with truth and bits of truth with falsehood.

No one, who is not encompassed by the particular assistance of the Holy Spirit and the help of Mary, the Mother of God, will be able to distinguish good from evil. You must implement a great devotion to the Holy Spirit and God will guide you through the very middle of darkness, preserving the entire truth in your heart. No one, who does not possess the Holy Spirit, will be able to preserve the entire truth. Errors are everywhere and in everything. One has to pray continuously to the Spirit of Truth, because only He is the entire Truth, without any admixture of falsehood.

Catholicism is infected with a myriad of foreign thoughts and traditions. Their recognition and the purification of the Church from these foreign imports will last entire years. The presence of the Holy Spirit is essential. It is Him who will cleanse the world and the Church. Ask him to descend on the Earth again. All that you are awaiting, it is His work. The present time is His time, when the world submerged in darkness and falsehood will begin to invoke Him more and more clearly. Start with yourself; ask for the light to discern. Ask for faith and wisdom. Do not count on yourself. Give yourself over to the Will of God.

Translated from : Kontemplacja Ducha Swiętego. Grzechynia 2017, p. 135