Saint Agnes:  Today I will tell you about the priests. A priest called by God to this honor is a treasure for the community of believers and should be treated as such. Since you are surrounded by many, very many priests and you do not value enough this great gift, I want to tell you how we treated priests, to remind you that you still possess a great, great grace of which you are not aware.

Every priest called by God has the blessing of God and brings it everywhere, wherever he will set foot. Regardless of whether he speaks or is silent, he blesses by his presence alone. God granted such a power to his priests, that wherever they will appear, there God enters together with them, and God does not come to destroy, but to cure, to heal, to pour graces and blessings. Thus, the mere presence of a priest is a sanctification of the earth upon which he stands, because together with him stands upon it God Himself, Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of the Living God.

Contemporary people have lost their faith in the supernatural calling of the priests and the supernatural power of their ordination. The ordinary man called by God ceases to be an ordinary man through this calling and the graces, which God sends upon him thought the sacrament of priesthood. This sacrament transforms the soul of the future priest and conforms her to the Son of Man. The priest is like a duplicate of the presence of the Son of God on Earth, and this is precisely his calling. He is as though another Anointed One – Christ. God dwells in him to save, and humanly speaking – He grants the priest the power to save through His tools of grace. These are above all extraordinary graces given exclusively to the priests, such as the administration of sacraments, the forgiveness of sins, and the blessing in the name of God. In addition, they also receive other graces that are not the exclusivity of priests, but mainly priests receive them. These are the graces of performing miracles, healing, and releasing from the influence of evil spirits. A layman, even if he would have received great graces, will never ascend to the heights of priesthood, because it is the exclusive choice and grace of God. Thus, the priest is no longer one of us, but the chosen one, who acts, speaks and lives in the name of God, Jesus Christ. In His name he prays for others, apologizes for their sins and asks for graces and blessings. It is as if Jesus Himself was sent again by His Father. Through his union with the Father, he obtains mercy for people; and through his sacrifice, he compensates for their sins.




In the soul of the priest is reflected the image of God, precisely this anointing to a Son of God, a one of a kind resemblance, which unites the Son with the Father. In this resemblance is granted the grace to imitate Jesus Christ on Earth. When the priest crosses the threshold of the house, he enters it as the Son of God and acts in His name. I think that the loss of awareness of this supernatural calling takes away a lot of hope from the contemporary man, because he does not know that God is with him and for him precisely in that priest. In every priest. The more faith one has in the presence and the action of God in the priest, the more God confirms His graces through the service of that priest. I know that Jesus said that whatever we did to our brothers, we did it to Himself. But in the case of the priest, this is a literal statement, because the priest is no longer our brother on Earth, but our Christ.

From this awareness flows great hope and joy. It is wonderful that you pray so much for the priests, but add to this prayer love and gratitude for having so many priests. They themselves do not know their name and value too little their supernatural hands, from which the blessing flows to all souls. Rejoice that you have their hands. If you knew the power of God’s priesthood and had to watch every day how your few priests are taken away from you by the world, you would value differently their presence. We had few priests and we strived to protect their lives with all our strength, because their death was a great loss for us. Their death meant the lack of sacraments, the lack of remission of sins and the lack of blessing. The lack of the Holy Mass and the lack of the Holy Communion. Your priests often do not have the awareness of their own grace, but they still have hands that are the hands of God. Even if the world takes away their hearts from you, you still have their hands, which are still the hands of God and give you the treasures of Heaven. The best man will never be even the worst priest. The grace of the sacrament of ordination transforms the soul, as I have said. This is why your fight for priesthood is rightful and blessed, but remember that you still have them. Rejoice from this and thank God in your prayers, because until you have them, you can have everything. Until they live among you, God will act in them. Only when they die, their service ends. This is a great secret of God’s grace. The sacrament lasts in every priestly soul. Every. Approach every priest on your knees, because even if his sins were heavier than yours, he is still king among souls and has the authority to rule upon them. You have to pray a lot, but you must not forget about the dignity of every priest, so that his name, chosen by God, would never fall on the ground without respect. For sin does not take away the dignity and the grace of the anointing to a Son of God.

You are incessantly complaining, yet you do not know how fortunate you are, having so many priests. We had very few of them and therefore we continually prayed so that God would call new priests for us. You do not know what a great loneliness it is when a priest dies and there is no other. You are far yet from the suffering and the loneliness, which we had to suffer. You have the great clemency of God that He still preserved for you so many priests. Hold their service in high regard and help them as much as you can, because the devil wants to destroy the world by destroying the priests. When they will be gone, there will be no God in the world. This is a great war that lasts. Our Mother Mary is fighting against this danger. She is the Mother of all the priests and She loves them as Her sons. She treats them like Jesus, offering for them Her tears. It hurts Her very much when they are not loved. Mary is the greatest defender of priests and is always close to them. Pray to Her. She will defend them. Amen.

Translated from: Życie sakramentalne pierwotnego Kościoła według św. Agnieszki, na podstawie na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2017, p. 44-51