Road of the Cross of Lord Jesus (1)


Mother of God:  I open My Heart to you, and My thoughts are returning to those moments piercing My Heart with pain. My Heart died and was resurrected from the dead, but before dying, it has been immersed in an agony lasting many hours. From the first moment, when I sensed in it this hour, until the great glory of the Resurrection.

I saw My Child again in Pilate’s courtyard. He had the entire head entwined with pieces of pointy thorns. This pain was unimaginable, because the thorns, a moment before still alive, were now located in a living body and were carving out their place in it, as if they were looking for a comfortable resting place, as if they were entering deeper into the depths of the head of My Son. The immaculate mind, the eternal Wisdom, whose greatness was already a torment on Earth, now has been painfully tied, so it might not shine upon the unwise mankind. My poor Child, exposed to public view in His greatest humiliation, because those who wanted to call Him the king of Israel are now laughing at His misery. The brave, the leaders who could rally people behind them, were missing. The friends of the Savior, full of fear, were hiding in their houses so that may be fulfilled what was foretold by the prophets: “I was calling for help, but no one heard me out”. What a torment it was for Jesus to suffer such terrible pain among general laughter and an unending avalanche of insults and offensive comparisons. My human ears experienced the greatest suffering. I ripped out those disgraceful words from the lips of unfaithful persecutors and I smoothed them out with the strength of My tender whispers to the glory of My tortured Son. I joined them with the angles accompanying Me, so that the soul of Christ may hear the hymn of adoration: “Oh My Son, let forever be praised Your Majesty and glory. Crush Your Mother together with You, may She not breath in the air of sin, which hurts you so cruelly”.

I hear that the uproar has reached its peak and Jesus has been proclaimed guilty. Guilty of everything that is the worst, so He must die. Our law, the law that I have been observing faithfully, has been defiled. The high priests, burdened with a mortal fault, together with their arrogant speech, drew blood upon themselves, their children, their wives, their disciples, their followers, their cities and the entire Jewish nation: “His Blood be upon us and upon our children”. Oh how blind is the hate, the daughter of pride, when it starts murdering – it murders all, those far away and those near, until finally, making a full cruel circle, it murders the murderer himself. I will not manage to describe how long this monstrous quarrel lasted and how great was the patience of the Condemned. Thus, I was waiting together with Him for these final words, spoken to Him by those, for whom He came down on Earth: “We do not want You, we do not want Salvation, deceiver!” they screamed at His sight. I can not say the other things, even though I wish that your hearts may unite with Mine in pain, I can not.

Now that the whole world has betrayed his God again, and it seemed as if Heaven and Earth conspired against Him, everything happened very fast. People moved about from their place to see in the best way as much blood as possible. I forced My way through with them, and their unclean thoughts touched Me in a repulsive way, as if My Heart found itself in Hell. All wished for His death, a cruel death: “The Cross! – they screamed – Yes, the cross! They are going to crucify Him! Very well, He will be exalted as He wanted!”. O despicable lips, what pain they inflict. No, I could not listen any longer this upheaval of demons, to their cruel delight. I, the Mother, had to sing My song of praise, My pain compounded its power. I did not fear anyone and anything, because in the world in which the Savior is not wanted, there is no longer anything to fear. Nothing worse can happen.

In My thoughts, I was forcing My way through the painful thorns of all the images, sounds and feelings to find Myself finally beside Him: pure, an oasis of love and peace, free, a safe abode for His eyes. My beloved was accepting this punishment, was stretching His arms to His cross as to His dearest bride. Are you able to love in such a way the Will of the Father? Make it your bride? The sight of Jesus embracing the cross with love gave Me new strength, thanks to which I could follow Him step by step, worshiping the earth upon which He stepped, and the air that He breathed through His bloody lips. The tongue, which has completely dried up, as a log was bothering Him in the mouth. This was a punishment for the blasphemies with which God is offended, for the holy names spoken without reverence, for the lies, the aspersions and the turpitude with which is sullied the tongue created by the Word.

Among the crowd of onlookers, there were many of those who found themselves there due to their stupidity and curiosity. A very small handful of disciples of Jesus, who came to pray and to accompany in the Passion of the Savior. The sweet lips of My Son breathed with pain, as if swallowing air caused Him pain. I noticed Him then, when He fell crushed by His cross. The ropes, with which He was tied, were encroaching into His Body, into the fresh wounds, and were not helping Him to get up, but were entering into His Flesh, creating new wounds. My arms could not bear this view; they rushed towards Him with the invincible strength of maternal love. The eyes of My Jesus, overfilled with pain, upon seeing Me, told me everything. In one look, My Son expressed what would take entire books to narrate, countless books of wisdom suffering because of love. I understood every sentence, every smallest thought, every moan, and the sorrow recorded itself in My Heart, every passing torment imprinted itself in its memory. I saw every suffering, every sorrow, every pain and every joy of My Child. I found His face; I was learning it all My life, guessing His desires, guessing what He would say before he opened His mouth, My Son, My Only One. That one look was enough for us in place of a long conversation, a conversation that would last for years, because when you love, love talks about everything and answers to everything and nothing more is needed. Amen.

Translated from: Tajemnica różańca świętego z rozważaniami różańcowymi dyktowanymi przez Matke Bożą, na podstawie na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2013, p. 71-75