Scourging of Lord Jesus


Mother of God:  Yesterday’s mystery opened the wound of My Heart so that you could look into its pain during the time of the Passion of My Son. I want to talk about My co-participation in the suffering of Jesus, not to turn your attention to Me, but to let you know that man has received the grace of co-redemption, thanks to which he can, to a greater or lesser extent, contribute to the Salvation of souls and make satisfaction to God for the sins of the world. So that you may get to know how you have to do it, I show you My pain. The place of man is at the feet of God, also when God in human form accomplishes Redemption. The suffering of the Redeemer must be received deep in the heart and profoundly experienced there, in order to give the fruit of Redemption in the human heart.

My thought in this terrible hour was one: being beside Him, being for Him and with Him in everything that will come to Him to live through. The Heart of the Mother always desires to be beside the child and it seemed to Me that everything around Me called Me to take part in this great day of martyrdom. I ran towards Him, My soul ran first, pulling My body broken with pain. The thought that I will not be able to do anything was not stopping Me. I wanted to be a support at least for His eyes, to embrace His Heart with My whole Heart. I could only give Him this now and this is what I desired.

When I saw My Child in this terrible condition, My soul fell into a kind of agony and it would have wished to die of pain if not for the love that was giving Me courage. I had to be the support, I had to be strong in order to add strength to Jesus. In His gaze was love and a request penetrating Me through to stand by Him.

A human mother, when she sees her child in danger, is capable of impossible things, musters the courage and the strength she would not have in other circumstances, and this is done by the love for the child in her. If only I had given vent to My motherly love, I would have been able to move heavens and earth to save My Son, but I could not, I could not be a mother anymore. I had to become a co-sacrifice, paying the righteous penalty to the Divine Justice. Thus, I united My Soul, My Immaculate Heart, with the Immaculate Body of My Child and I accepted all the lashes dealt out to Him into this Heart, so that they may become a payment for the impurity of human hearts. O My Child…, how much hatred accepted My God, My Jesus, in this hour, and His sweet Soul was smiling at Me, saying: “The Redemption began, I want to gather all the justice in My Body. May all My members fill up with the just flogging for the world, for the sins with which you were offended, My Father”. And My Heart moaned quietly: ”I am with you, My Son. Punish Me as well, do not take all the torments for yourself, let Your punishment also reach Me.” Love and pain merged into one hymn of adoration: “Your judgments are just, O Lord, and the punishment administered righteously. Forever I will be worshiping Your Will in which you renew My life.” Amen.

Translated from: Tajemnica różańca świętego z rozważaniami różańcowymi dyktowanymi przez Matke Bożą, na podstawie na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2013, p. 63-65