Institution of the Eucharist


Mother of God:  How great is the mystery about which I desire to teach you today. The mystery of the Divine Mercy is encompassed in the cross, but Jesus did not leave only the cross while departing from this earth. He left Himself in the mystery of the Holy Mass and the Blessed Sacrament. The Holy Mass is a mystical event in which man on earth truly communes with God and with the entire Church, the one that is already in glory as well as the one that repents. The entire Holy Church reveals itself as one body in the mystery of the Holy Mass. The Holy Mass is the heart of the Church, which My Son established while departing from this world. On the eve of His Passion, He desired to gift mankind with His Sacrifice. He made a sacrifice of Himself to the Father, before he carried it out on the cross. Man received God not only as propitiation, but as immortality, which he can swallow every day. This Sacrifice became a union that will last forever.

The mystery of this Sacrament is so great that even Lord Jesus Himself desired to grant it solely in a hidden way, so that reaching the full comprehension of its miracles would require holiness. The Body and the Blood of God were given up as a Sacrifice for mankind. The Blood that He had to shed filled the cup of mercy. This Blessed Blood of the new covenant will never be exhausted. Here is Love that feeds; it not only takes away from itself to give to the one it loves, but pulls out of itself, rips out of itself. In this Sacrament, God the Father reveals Himself as a Mother, who rips out her heart for her beloved children. The only way to restore and to retain life in them is to give them one’s own life. This is why God, immortal by His nature, had to become mortal: to be able to give His immortality to mankind. Man, by nourishing himself with the Sacrifice of God, nourishes himself at the same time with His immortality. The life that He has given, He retained for eternity under the form of the Blessed Sacrament, which man receives at the time of the Holy Communion.

My children, My Son while dying, obtained life for you and, through the institution of the Holy Mass and the Blessed Sacrament, gifted you with the grace of His eternal presence among you. Through this Sacrament, He gives you the life that He Himself possesses and makes you a new creature, renewed by His Sacrifice. Angels can not receive the Blessed Sacrament; not their spiritual entity is an obstacle to that but their immaculate nature. The Blessed Sacrament was instituted for man and only for man, as the expression of the infinite mercy of God. God gives Himself in this Sacrament as healing for what is sick and as life for what is subjected to death. The grace fills in a perfect way what is crippled and imperfect. I, as the only exception preserved from all sin, also obtained the grace of receiving the Blessed Sacrament. Although My nature was not sullied, My Heart was a human heart, and the wound that was inflicted upon it could not be healed otherwise, and My soul restored to life, and My longing appeased, but only through this one and only miracle of love, contained in mystery the Blessed Sacrament.

Do you understand, My child? Man must be subjected to suffering, but what great consolation for man is the fact that God Himself and His Mother, although free from the stain of sin, also were subjected to suffering and offered Their suffering for you. The Blessed Sacrament is absolutely everything that man needs to be completely healed and to become a spiritual being similar to God. Amen.

Translated from: Tajemnica różańca świętego z rozważaniami różańcowymi dyktowanymi przez Matke Bożą, na podstawie na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2013, p. 53-55