An oppression that has never been seen before


Mother of God:  My child, listen to the words of your Mother directed to the entire holy Church: Soon will come upon you [the Church] an oppression, which has never been seen before. The Catholic Church will be hated and exterminated by all means. Many souls will hear the voice of the heart and will open themselves to the persecuted God. Many people will come to know the truth and see that warnings of the impending danger and of the attempt to murder God Himself were not unfounded. The Church, only in the face of its own oppression and misery, will understand in whose hands it is. Young priests will leave the Church, fearing for their life.  A complete division will arise between those who are from God, and those who reject God. Although the danger of the loss of material goods and fortune will be great, many respected people will convert and will be helping the Church.

I would like everyone who swore eternal service to God to abide in it. But the one who praises God with lips alone, who does not know His fidelity, will not retain his own. Many betrayals will become only visible to people, because to God they have been visible for a long time. Fear will obscure the truth to many people and they will fall into the trap of the one, who obscures to them the truth about eternal life. Listen to Me, daughter, I would like nations to understand that God, by putting them to the final test, desires to give them one more chance to keep them from destruction. If in the face of danger and threat to freedom, they will opt for God, fearing Him more than their earthly enemies, God will bring them salvation. However, if they will fear people more than God, this choice will bring them destruction. This is just.

Fear is the great enemy of man, because it turns his thoughts towards what is earthly, and then he can easily sell out what is divine. Remember Esau, who sold his birthright to his brother for a bowl of lentils, and as a consequence of this lost the blessing. God allowed it, because Esau thought more about what was earthly than what was spiritual. Thus, remember to think more about what is spiritual and entrust to God what is earthly. You will always receive all that is indispensable for you, under the condition that you will give to God everything that He desires. This is the condition for drawing upon the gifts of God.

So do not allow for your enemy to deceive your thoughts. Let everyone remember about his eternal life and entrust everything to the One, who has the power to save it. Treat each trial as a chance to prove to God your love and fidelity, as a chance to atone for your faults and obtain eternal happiness. By approaching all events in this way, you will be blessing God for His mercy, while people deprived of grace as a result of their obstinacy will despair and curse God, losing more and more the chance to save their souls.

God will set you, children, like dust on the wind, so that you may know who in fact you are. No human power will manage to save you. No human means can measure up to the strength of the Almighty God, and the one who wants to save his life without converting is sinning. He will be swept from the face of the Earth for his pride. The Earth belongs to God and everything that it contains is subjected to Him. Whoever will not recognize this and will want to save himself in spite of the Creator Himself, mocking His power, this one God will crush to dust, giving proof of His omnipotence and dominion on Heaven and on Earth. You can find consolation and salvation only in having recourse to God. The One who is dispensing justice has the power to stop His punishing hand. However, do not ask for your homes, your goods; ask only and solely for souls. This fight is being fought for your souls, and the material goods are only a mark of Salvation or damnation, depending on how they are treated.

I am a Mother to all nations, although some do not want to know Me at all. These I will not be able to save, because My Son is very angry at them for all the insults and all the mockery that I have suffered because of My Immaculate Conception. Satan, jealous of My graces, directed My own children against Me, so that they would defile My name, so that My children would not become similar to Me and would not receive their reward in Heaven.

This time that you have left should be offered to mankind, urging it to return. My daughter, I want all My children to entrust themselves to My Immaculate Heart.

Translated from : Kompendium V z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomow 17-22), Warszawa 2014, p 23-25