The grace of contemplating the Way of the Cross


Lord Jesus:  The Way of the Cross is a prayer that immerses the soul in My suffering, which I have endured for the Redemption of mankind, and at the same time makes the soul aware of Who I am and how I love, as well as how high is the price for which I have bought Heaven for her. Man should unceasingly ponder this thought, that Heaven has been opened for him. He only has to enter into it. By worshiping My Passion, you accept the fruits of My love, you accept the Blood that has saved you, and you partake in this grace that I obtained for you. Heaven is in My Wounds, Heaven is in My Blood, Heaven is in My tears. Immerse yourselves spiritually in My suffering; win over the gentleness and the mercy of My Father, win over the Heart of My Mother, who does not have to be alone under the cross. Go together with Her in the footsteps of My Blood, and give Me glory through the contemplation of these mysteries. I bless you. Amen.

Translated from : Kompendium V z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomow 17-22), Warszawa 2014, p 153