32 – Heart of Jesus, salvation of those who trust in Thee




Lord Jesus:  Now write, because I want to talk to the world about My Heart, which is foreign to the world and which it does not know. You will be writing about the next call: “Heart of Jesus – Salvation of those who trust in Thee”. I am Salvation. Into My Heart enter those who desire it. Into My Heart enter those who are destined for eternal happiness. The worship given to My Heart is the guarantee of Salvation. No one, who gave himself to My Heart, can be rejected. My Heart surrounds him with its mercy.

Trust in the fact that I am good and merciful brings reassurance that the gate of Heaven will open at the hour of death and will bring the desired deliverance. No one, who comes to Me full of trust, can be rejected. Trust in My mercy commits Me to give grace and to show mercy to the one, who has trusted in My Heart. Call on Me through this Heart. It is always the seat of perpetual love and speaks a language that you understand. If the mind and human judgements overwhelm you, give yourself only to My Heart and trust that it will protect you from any error and will lead to the desired Salvation.

The trust, for which I am asking, is a total trust. It goes beyond human frames. The one who believes in what is grasped by the human mind has no merit. Faith consists of putting trust in what one does not understand and what can not be grasped by the mind. The lack of understanding does not bother Me and the failure to comprehend My designs does not insult Me. But while looking at the cross, the human soul should trust and not doubt of My goodness. My Heart is not the heart of man in its human meaning and limitation. My human Heart is united with the love of the Father, and therefore remains limitless and inconceivable to man. Understanding is not needed here, but faith in the fact that in My Heart everything is saved from death. In My Heart, love transcends any fault and the lack of hope is filled with its excess.

Turn to My Heart in your crippled nature, and you will be saved. Salvation is the fruit of the Passion of My Heart, and not the fruit of your perfection. If human perfection was the guarantee of Salvation, would the Son of Man have had to descend on Earth and suffer? In My Heart was accomplished the atonement and My Heart is this guarantee for every sinner who will come to it. In My Heart is the Salvation of the world and the Salvation of every soul. I want souls to come and take what I have suffered for for them. Salvation belongs to every soul, which will come for it and and accept it from My merciful Heart. I want to bestow the grace of Salvation upon the whole world, but only those will attain it who will come at the call of My Heart and accept it. My Heart calls upon all nations to give themselves to the mercy, which overfills My Heart. You reject what you desire and you despise what is your last hope. I have called and I am calling. There is no hope and there is no recourse for the sinner outside of My merciful Heart. Only in it and through it you will achieve Salvation. Amen.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 119-121