The true meaning of the title: “Queen of Poland”


Mother of God:  My child, you come to Me with the hope that I will save the world. If people believed that through prayer they can actually improve the fate of the world and their own fate, the world would be saved, but so few believe, My Daughter. I appear precisely for that reason, so you may get to know that I am real and that My title: “Queen of Poland” is not an inscription created by an artist, it is not a pious wish of your ancestors, but the actual role that was granted to Me under the law in force in your country many years ago. Until I become deprived of My title also under the force of law, I am your Queen. Therefore, the fate of My nation is not indifferent to Me. I want to remind you about this title, because you say it with your lips, but not your heart.  Saying it with the heart means the recognition of My authority and wisdom and the rights to guide your nation.

When I appear, I come as a Mother worried about the fate of her children. In Poland, however, I appear as your Queen, because while being a Mother, I do not cease being a Queen. The title, which was given to Me, authorizes Me to interfere in the fate of Poland and to express My will towards the entire nation. I do not want to take away the power of the rulers through My apparitions, but I desire to indicate errors and the direction in which you should go. I desire for My will to be respected. The reverence, which you give Me, is too small. It is not enough to seemingly honor Me by preserving My devotions. I would like to restore faith to Poland in the fact that she has a Queen. My authority in this country, however, is only as strong as the support that I find among My subjects. Thus, My prominent place in your homes is so important.

I come to your homes as a Mother, but I dwell in them as the Queen. I bring you my Son, the King of the whole world, to be the King of your homes. Do not reject Him, but worship Him and ask Him to remain with you forever. Usurpers strive to take away His authority, but His authority is eternal and can never be taken away from Him. Jesus is asking you for the Crown not because He does not possess it, but for you, so that you may find salvation in His loving arms. I came to Wykrot as the Queen of Poland and I brought you the King. My Son will reign, because if He only wants, I will always yield Him My place and will sit at His feet, to worship Him. My throne belongs to Him. My subjects are His subjects, and each of My Crowns adorns His forehead. Each of My victories is His victory. I lead you to the Truth. Do not be afraid of the Truth, because it is only love. I bless you all in the name of My Son. Amen.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Jezusa Chrystusa Króla, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 98-100