19 – Heart of Jesus, desire of the everlasting hills




Lord Jesus:  I belong to you as an inheritance, which was given to you by the Father. You inherited the Kingdom together with its King. I am the wealth and the splendor of virtues, which I will shower upon you. By choosing Me, you will always run across the right path that leads to the Kingdom. I give Myself to you with My cross, but together with it you obtain everything that I have won through it. I will give you souls, lots of souls. I will give you things about which you did not dream, nor did your thought flounder that far. My imagination and yours, daughter, can not be matched. My making you happy and your making Me happy are two different dimension, as comparing vacuum and fullness. Yet, I lower Myself for your crumbs, because for Me they have an infinite value. I want to draw form your pitcher. You, draw from Mine. I have revealed to you the wealth of My Heart in order to lure you. I want to enamor you in My Heart and win you over for it. Everything that I am filled with internally, you can receive because of your dedication and you will receive.

My Kingdom is the place of eternal peace and love of peace. Only those who love peace will enter it. So that they do not threaten peace, their peace will be tried, so they may prove to Me that they deserve this reward. In My Kingdom, there is no fear. In My Kingdom, there is no violence. You want to have Heaven on Earth, but you despise My Kingdom. You want to build yours based on exploitation, because upon hearts which did not accept My Kingdom and do not live according to its principles. It is impossible.

Only the One who is Peace will bring you the Kingdom that you desire, and only He can guarantee you life. The King who loves and desires to love. No one outside of Love will be safe and can survive. You desire to obtain what I have, not imitating Me, following your own paths that do not consist of stepping behind Me. You want to create a world without Me, a kingdom without Me, peace without Me and love without Me. You want to attain eternal happiness and beauty without Me. You will not succeed in this. By searching for love without Me, you will find hatred; by creating peace without Me, you will create war; by searching for happiness on your own, you will find anguish; by striving towards eternal life without Me, you will find eternal death.

Everything that the world desires is in Me, through beauty, wealth and glory, up till the eternal life in happiness. You strive during the entire life towards goals that I have appointed to you, but without Me. This is why your search for happiness makes the world and all its inhabitants unhappy. And I have happiness and peace for all. I have wealth and beauty for all. In all your pursuits, you desire Me alone, who possesses everything and who is everything. Yet, you stubbornly claim that it is not Me that you desire. But I tell you this; it is precisely Me that you desire.

I am the fulfillment of all human desires and aspirations, all the dreams about eternal happiness. However, the enemy distorted your youthful desires, marred them by sin and destroyed their innocence, so that you can no longer find their connection with Me. You will receive from him the fulfillment of lusts, in which he has transformed your innocent and holy desires. However, by satisfying lusts, you move away from the fulfillment of desires, which only I can satisfy forever. Return to the purity of your hearts and to the truth, in which you have been standing in front of yourselves. Enter into the very center of your desires, and you will know what their cause is.

I promise to fulfill every desire of anyone, who will come to Me and will entrust it to Me along with himself. I will not forget. I will not deceive. You will receive. But seek, casting away your little lusts and the excesses of the world, and desiring true values. Anything that is not contrary to My law and is not an insult to My love, you can entrust to Me.  I will remember. Live, looking towards the fulfillment of all your desires in Me. Eternally. Everything that you do not possess on Earth, you can receive in Heaven. Everything that you did not receive on Earth, awaits for you in Heaven. Even that, what is your greatest desire. It is precisely this that you will receive as a reward. Seek happiness that does not pass, and that is in Me and through Me. Amen.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 70-73