The lips of the resurrected will themselves give testimony


Lord Jesus:  Listen carefully to My voice. I will speak, calling your soul to greater valor. Do not fear enemies; fear Me alone. I am in you all strength and power. You have no reason to give way, because I am the Truth. You will stand firm and you will not retreat a single word that My lips have said. You will not give way in the truth or in custom. You will not subject My Will to consideration. You will do everything in the truth and in the light, openly and honestly. Do not be afraid of them. They will ridicule and die. I last, only I last forever. Remain a faithful servant of My Word. I will resurrect  the dead along with the word that was on their lips, and they will shout it at the Judgement of God, and no one will stop the blasphemous lips of perdition. Their own lips will speak for their destruction and in view of My Majesty they will incriminate themselves. You will shout the truth, and your lips will praise My power and you will not go silent, and you will not stop this Word, because it does not come from you. Do not be afraid, because when the Judgment Day will come, I will resurrect you, so you may speak and you will say, not saying yourself, but will speak the One whose voice you listened to: “Glory, glory to the One God whom I serve. Let the enemies of the Lord perish from before His face, because I called and they did not listen; I cried and they did not want to fulfill the Will of the Most High God. Now I am the accuser, because I served the Truth and the Truth won.”

Translated from : Kompendium VI z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomow 17-22), Warszawa 2014, p 215