Awaiting death and rebirth


Saint Agnes:  I still absolutely need to tell you about two things. Firstly, during the entire life one should await death; and secondly, during the entire life one should await rebirth, rebirth for the true life. Saints are able to deny themselves everything, because they believe that after death, they will be satiated to the extent to which their faith was strong. They are able to wait for this fulfillment entire years, denying themselves everything.

Those who do not believe are unable to wait. They want to experience everything in this life, fearing that they will not have enough time to enjoy life. However, life starts after death and then comes the time to enjoy life, and on Earth great work awaits man.

For those who worked hard during life, after death comes eternal rest. Without faith, this reality is reversed and people wish to enjoy and to rest on Earth, and after death they pay for this very severely. Work postponed to the second life is much harder, incomparably longer, and more arduous. Achieving holiness after the death requires enormous and long-lasting sufferings, while during lifetime the worst sufferings would be considered the lightest punishment in Purgatory. Also, not everyone gets this chance. Many souls will never again sanctify themselves and will never reach the state of eternal joy. Eternal suffering awaits them.

I could never understand how one can take such risks, to risk such a cruel eternal fate for a moment of sin. Therefore, the whole wisdom of man lies in this: to deepen and to strengthen his faith, thanks to which it is increasingly easier to deny himself for the cause of his future life. Maybe death became too rare for you, so you have forgotten about the future life. Maybe this life, that you lead now, became too comfortable and man does not wish for anything better anymore. But one thing is certain; everything that you possess on Earth is as if it was written with a finger on the sand. Great disappointments await you when you will realize what is this life, to which you attach yourselves so much.

Translated from : Kompendium IV z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomow 17-22), Warszawa 2014, p 158-159