To never look back


Saint Agnes:  When we choose a road leading to a goal, we should never look back, because then we can lose sight of the goal and never reach it. However, you can not risk the loss of Salvation; so you also should not put yourself to trial, meditating upon the validity of your decision. I decided that I will forever belong to Jesus and never to anyone else. This decision cost me my life, but I have gained eternal life, and so I have reached my goal.

Once you decide to undertake a sacrifice, then it does not cost that much, but soon everything changes and circumstances become quite different from those, in which you undertook the resolution. However, one should not be deceived by these circumstances. God allows them to trial the love of man and his faithfulness. So if the goal remains the same, the means also remain the same and should not be changed.

No one can predict how his life will unfold, but God knows and when accepting the sacrifice of man, He strives to ensure that it is pure. Soon, it turns out if man undertook it truly out of love for God or for a different reason. Everything becomes clear. If the intentions to undertake the sacrifice are pure, generally man does not deviate from the once chosen path despite all trials. If, however, they are caused by human considerations, then everything is decided during the time of trial. Either the intention and the sacrifice are purified, or one loses this trial. In these temptations to abandon the undertaken sacrifice, we need to stare at the goal, and then all the circumstances are irrelevant. Just like during a march, you should look ahead and not sideways. It is necessary for the preservation of courage and the maintenance of direction.

Translated from : Kompendium IV z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomow 17-22), Warszawa 2014, p 156