NOVENA DAY FIVE: The goal of the life of a Christian

From the remembrances of St. Agnes:

When I decided to completely give myself to God, I felt a deep relief in my heart. I was no longer afraid that I will go down the wrong path, that I will be swallowed by the world of games and pleasure, or the love for a man will take away from me the love for God. I chose the purpose of my life and I strove towards it without looking back. The purpose of the life of man on Earth is the Salvation of his soul. Thus, it is totally not worth it to involve ourselves in matters that distance us from this goal (Compendium IV, p. 154).

From the teachings of St. Agnes:

When we choose a road leading to a goal, we should never look back, because then we can lose sight of the goal and never reach it. However, you can not risk the loss of Salvation; so you also should not put yourself to trial, meditating upon the validity of your decision. I decided that I will forever belong to Jesus and never to anyone else. This decision cost me my life, but I have gained eternal life, and so I have reached my goal (Compendium IV, p. 156).


Saint Agnes, who recognized the salvation of the soul as the only goal of your life and with joy suffered death by martyrdom for the One, who died for all of us, I ask you humbly, deign to intercede for me in every minute of this day and obtain for me the grace (mention your request).

Let your prayer give me comfort in times of trials and torments. Be my friend in times of loneliness and abandonment, and obtain for me from your Spouse, Jesus Christ, the eternal happiness in Heaven. Holy innocent virgin, who paid the greatest price for preserving fidelity to Christ, obtain for me the grace of complete purity of the soul and the body. Amen.

Our Father …
Hail Mary …
Glory be to the Father …
Litany to Saint Agnes.

Translated from: Nowenna do św. Agnieszki na podstawie textów św. Agnieszki z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2015, p. 31-33