9 – Heart of Jesus, burning furnace of charity




Lord Jesus:  My Heart is a burning furnace of love, love alone, which never ceases to burn. My heart does not cease to love, but it is perpetually inflamed with love. I would like your heart to be the same. My heart loves endlessly. Every day and always it is looking for opportunities to provide and to share that love with the creation. I would like that the heart of man was similar to Mine. The heart of man is created in the image of God, in order to love; it is the delight of God, a place for God. The more it becomes similar to My Heart, the more pleasing it is to God and the more readily God grants it graces.

The love with which My Heart is burning is like fire, because it never ceases and desires to expand, turning everything it touches, into itself. Love like fire wishes to expand and to absorb everything, growing and transforming everything around itself. Thus, true love is never extinguished. It is not dependent on feelings, but lasts unceasingly and burns; this means it desires love for all. Love, which is alive, must strive to spill out on everything around itself. Love does not close on itself, but wants to be everything in everything.

My Heart never ceases to love and many souls came back to Me precisely because they understood the fidelity of My Heart, which never ceased to love them, regardless of what they were like for Me and what they are like. People are inclined to love those who love them, but while imitating Me, they should love all, because all are worthy of love. Love is not a prize, which should be bestowed upon those who are good and deserve it. Love is a gift which is due to everyone: the good and the bad, so that they may get to know the one and the other and make a choice. Many evil people did not get to know love, so how can they choose the good? I find them and I gift them with love, selfless love, which does not demand anything, but simply loves.

I want that the heart of man to be similar to Mine, to love everyone, regardless of what they are like; respect all, regardless of what they are like. In the love that does not set conditions but loves, is a great strength. In the love that gives itself, is a great fidelity. All people venturing into the world try to find love. However, over the course of the years, they forget about it and allow sin to remold their pure desire into various deviations, which only move them away from the desired love. Pure love has the power to open the eyes of the blind and the ears of the deaf. Pure love is true only when it never ceases. By this you will know My apostles, that they love everyone. And the more the human heart is united with My Heart, the more it burns with the desire to engage itself and to give itself among all those in need of love. The heart filled with love never loses it, and by giving away, it multiplies it in itself.

Remember about the fact that I love you all with all your faults and infirmities, with all the weaknesses, which your nature confers to you. So if I am able to love you so and prove it to you with My sacrifice, you should also love like I love, precisely those who are considered the least worthy of love. They need it the most. Attaining mercy, show mercy.  What you have received from Me, distribute further and never stop proving your love through sacrifice.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 32-35