Reflection about the Passion of Christ

God’s love for man led Him to the cross. For many, this is impossible to grasp. However, God redeemed man by the cross, through which He tells him the entire history of His love for him. God, who is the Father, wished so much to save man for Himself that He gave away as ransom His only Son. As a defenseless infant He delivered Him to the world, so that abandoned and defenseless He would be cruelly tortured, tormented and murdered. Jesus, although He was God from the beginning, free from pain and suffering, dutifully accepted a body capable of suffering. He did not hate man for what the Father commanded to Him, He did not envy him this love of the Father, which calls man to paradise, and sent Him to the cross. Jesus, hanging on the cross, confesses love to man. His tortured lips say: “Come, I am your brother, drink My blood, eat Me, and you will become God through Me and in Me. In My tortured Body, I will carry your soul to paradise.”

Excerpt from the book: ”Contemplation of Jesus Christ”