I am the One who creates and who destroys


God the Father:  My child, I do not require from you perfection, but love. I have told you this already. Repeat this to My children. I do not demand that you stop being humans; I desire your will, the will that will want to love Me. This is what I desire. Everything else depends upon Me and I create everything else, but from you, children, I need this one thing: the dedication to My Will, through which you can express the best your love and devotion.  Precisely by entrusting to Me your will. (…)

This human pride insults Me, when instead of trusting Me, their Father, they are trying to settle their affairs without My interference, while I am standing beside and am not allowed to act, even though I am almighty and omniscient.

People have forgotten who I am. I am the One who creates and who destroys. I am the One who calls to life and who turns to dust. Happy is the one who entrusts himself into My care and has recourse to Me in all adversity and difficult experiences of life. Such a child is the closest to Me I care about him in particular.

Translated from : Kontemplacja Boga Ojca. Tato, jestem. Grzechynia 2015, p. 15