By saying this prayer and acting according to it in life, you will discover the depth of your existence and the vocation of a life in God. The secret of holiness is contained in the will. By saying this prayer, you will establish a  bond with Me, a familial bond, that nothing will manage to disrupt. Feel important in My eyes, feel that you are My children, so that you may call upon Me in prayer with love, mindful that the help for which you ask Me will be given to you.

Excerpt from the message of God the Father


The Lord’s Prayer is the most perfect of prayers. . . . In it we ask, not only for all the things we can rightly desire, but also in the sequence that they should be desired. This prayer not only teaches us to ask for things, but also in what order we should desire them (CCC 2763).


To the beloved Reader, searching for the Truth and a full union with God, we give for prayer and contemplation a wonderful advisement of God the Father on the topic of the prayer: “Our Father”.

The Israelites received the Name of God, of which they were very afraid. We received in Jesus Christ the Name of God, of which we do not have to be afraid. This name is: “Father”. In this name that has been revealed to us is contained all the love of God, which God desired to reveal to us. In this name, we express our connection, affiliation, closeness, trust, love and faith in God, as our own Father.

God being everything that is, and in everything that is, is always perfect peace and brings perfect peace. His Will is always the absolute good, in which are contained your Salvation and the Salvation of the world. The will of God always leads to the highest good. Man, not realizing and not accepting this truth, removes God and introduces unrest in the place of peace. Man always makes war himself, killing himself, and doing so forever.

God called man to life, so he might live. Therefore, His care for man is clear and it is only enough to trust God. Trust is the basis in our relationship of asking and obtaining graces. Everything depends on this trust. Man can enslave God; only boundless trust is needed. To the one who fully trusts, God commits everything. God does not want us to treat Him as a God who serves to man for obtaining some material or spiritual goods, and who can be bought off for small acts of worship. Boundless trust is the foundation of the happiness of the soul. We must also remember that in every trial from God, there is a great concern for man.

By giving these reflections to the dear Reader, I encourage him, by saying the prayer “Our Father”, to establish a true and familial bond with God that nothing will manage to tear apart. When saying this prayer, God wants man to feel important, to feel like His child, to call upon Him with love and faith that the help for which he is asking God will be granted to him.

The life of man is a difficult climb to the house of the Father, but God does not refuse help to those who call upon Him constantly and ponder the sweets that He promises. Remember, the hand of God the Father is stretched out.

The Rev. Piotr Maria Natanek, Ph.D. Hab.

Translated from : Głębia Modlitwy Ojcze Nasz na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2015, p. 7-9