Fifth Rule:  WORK IN GOD

d-13aughter, I will talk about My life, but in such a way so that you will be able to imitate Me in everything. My heart was imbued with love, and My mind was staring at the mysteries of God. In the midst of daily activities, it is possible to remain in union with God in thought and in heart. From this first moment in which you open your eyes till that last one in which you close them, strive to abide in thought and heart beside God, not only directing to Him your prayers, but also directing to Him each of your intentions. From that first moment after you wake up, try to always look upwards and to remember why you are alive. Who gave you life, and how great are the gratitude and the love that you owe to God. Remember about all the Tabernacles of the world and make amendments for the great loneliness of your God. By unceasingly turning your heart towards Jesus, you bring great consolation to His lonely Heart. I ask you to strive to do everything with Him and for Him.

Today I want to teach you to work. Work, regardless of whether it is physical labor or intellectual, absorbs a lot of the time and when left to these activities in themselves may even be a waste of time. Work is holy if it is offered to God and accomplished with love for Him. Regardless of the specifics of the work, whether it is service to other people directly or indirectly, it acquires a different dimension when it is offered. So the first and the most important rule concerning work, is to proceed with it after having previously offered it, and only then. During this short prayer, also ask the Holy Spirit so that you may accomplish it according to His Will. Ask for help in that, what causes you difficulties. Such an offered work is already a prayer.

It happens, however, that the work which it comes to us to perform is not planned or longer for. Then, accomplishing it brings great difficulty, and the desire to offer it can escape from memory. All the more so, feeling resentment and anger because of this unplanned work, you have to offer it earlier and this time ask earnestly the Holy Spirit to change the bad feelings that it causes. Realize that this work, since completely unplanned by you, is the Will of God and not yours, so it has a greater value in the eyes of God and by performing it with love, you show even more love and loyalty to your Creator. Try then to offer it for something that you really care about. Remember Jesus who carried the heavy cross only and solely out of love. He did not have the slightest pleasure in this act. He performed it only and solely because such was the Will of His Father in Heaven. So if what you have to perform is not more difficult than what My Son accomplished for you, be thankful that for so little you can give back to God for so much.

While performing the work, during breaks, try to contemplate on the value of simple activities. To serve others is to serve God Himself. Any ordinary action is already sanctified by the fact that it was performed by Christ as a Man and Christ as God. So if God Himself worked and labored on Earth, you should also perform your work and be happy that you can repeat His actions. If you will unite your actions with the actions of Jesus on Earth, they will be only prayer, because Jesus did not perform any action mindlessly, but everything that He did was prayer and sacrifice to His Father for you.

After completing the work, give thanks for it; that you could exhaust yourselves for the glory of God. Give all credit to God, contenting yourselves with fulfilling His Will. This is all that belongs to you, and all that you will take away with you from this world. There where you are going, humbly working and suffering, everything is awaiting for you already prepared by the hand of God, by His work and His suffering. Will you come to the ready, and your work will support you on this journey only as much as it will be prayer, and thus as much as it will be offered and accomplished for the glory of God. I bless you all in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from : Reguła Mariańska Rycerzy Chrystusa Króla, Żertw Ofiarnych I wszystkich dzieci Maryi. Grzechynia 2014, p. 33-37

Image credit: ”Lessons of Mary” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.