Second Rule:  WAKING UP IN GOD

t-28oday I want to tell you about the morning, which was the experience of My life, and about the mornings which you have lived through and which you will still live through. When you open your eyes and light shines upon your face, answer with a smile. This light is not only given to your eyes, but also to your soul. Each new day is a new call to love God, because it is a great gift form the Creator. Within one day you can accomplish so much. By saying: “accomplish so much” I mean “to offer so many proofs of gratitude to God, and to do so much to help save the souls of your brothers and sisters”.

When you open your eyes, first become aware of who you are, and who is the One who caused the sun to rise and your eyes to open up again. Let your first thought cling to Him and express to Him your gratitude. Kneel. Worship God who created you, who redeemed you, and who wishes to save you. Thank Him for another day and ask the Holy Spirit to be willing to guide your soul during this day in such a way, so it may bring the greatest glory to God. It will bring it to the extent to which it will fulfill the Will of God. Let your prayer be short but mindful. I am not talking now about the morning prayers, but only about the act of paying homage to God just after waking up, and submitting your subsequent day and entire life as a sacrifice to the Holy Spirit, so He could make use of the soul in carrying out His plan of the Salvation of the world.

Only now can appear thoughts about other matters. Remember, however, for God to be absolutely first, before everything and before everyone. When you open your eyes, God already leans over you as a tender mother. Your prayer is giving a kiss to God, who makes you wake up each morning. Try to live consciously. Do not forget why you live, who gave you life, and that this is not an eternal gift. Each one of you will wake up only a certain amount of times and not once thereafter. Do not waste any single morning, because not a single morning will be given back to you. On your mornings depend your days. This first sight towards God and giving Him power over your own life evokes the action of the Holy Spirit in the life of man, and results in the assistance of God in your daily affairs, so that everything that is ordinary becomes an extraordinary sacrifice of love. I want to teach you to live for the glory of God. I bless you now, My children, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: Reguła Mariańska Rycerzy Chrystusa Króla, Żertw Ofiarnych I wszystkich dzieci Maryi. Grzechynia 2014, p. 19-21

Image credit: ”O, my Mother, guard innocence” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.