In My house you should be nothing, so that I might be everything


Lord Jesus:  I am not a shepherd who leads the sheep by playing on the pipes. I am the Shepherd who brings seriousness and humility to the house of the Father, who takes off the sandals before offering Him a sacrifice. I am the Shepherd who wants justice, and who can be found in silence. Take away all those noisy screams out of My sight. I do not want to see them in My Church. I am a quiet and a humble God. I wish for adoration. I wish only and exclusively for you to give Me praise. I am disgusted by the singing and the dancing which does not worship Me. I am disgusted by those, who take away My glory in My Church, showing off theirs [glory] in front of My sheep. You come into My house to take away My praise? You come to make gods out of yourselves? I do not want heartless singing. If your speech is not the speech of your soul, take it away from My Altars, because I will not endure it. Yes, your singing is disgusting to Me, because it brings glory to yourselves, and not to Me.

You are self-centered, and you think that by singing about Me, you become saint, and everyone looking at you is shouting: “Glory!” But to whom? Is it for Me that you are calling? I can not hear you. You do not hear Me. I am saddened. Hypocrisy and false ideology are strolling in front of My eyes. My Blood is spilled on My Altars, among your joyous shouts: “Glory!”  Glory to whom?  I cry, suffer, die, and you cry out with joy: “Lord!”? I want co-suffering. I want union in pain.

Let them be afraid, those who come to Me with their pride. I know your hearts. I recognize your thoughts. Do not take away My glory in My home. In My home you should be nothing, so that I might be everything. Such are the proportions among us. So that I may fully come into being among you, you must become nothing, fall down before Me, and give Me everything. And you use My home to boast of My talents. This is not for Me. I do not need it. I, I and once again I want to be the object of praise and admiration in My own home… think of Me, pray to Me, become saints. Leave far behind everything that can take away My due glory. When you come to Me, be paupers, be naked, so that I might clothe you and bestow gifts upon you. Do not come to show off and brag. Everything that you have can be taken away from you, if you do not stop exalting yourselves in front of Me. It is I who speak, your God and Lord… I am showing you the torments of My Soul, which does not stand hypocrisy. I am a God full of anger for those, who still, despite so many graces, do not bend their knees before Me and do not renounce the winning of approval of the world. The world, before which you bend, before which you pose and put on your charms, will be your executioner. The one who wants praise from the world will get it, but later he will have to pay for it. I am a just God and I issue fair judgements. If someone does not listen to Me, I will perform an act of My Mercy and will make you My subjects, taking away from you that, what you want to exalt yourselves with.  I do not want you in My home. Repent, and then I will have pity upon you. Now, however, I will show you My justice.

Translated from : Tajemnica Mszy świętej według św. Ojca Pio na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2013, p. 65-67