Holy Forms of the Eucharist


Lord Jesus:  I am in the consecrated Bread and I am present under the form of My Holy Blood.  It is and remains My Blood despite the fact that it is consumed by persons who are unworthy of it. I am present in the Most Precious Bread until the time when it is dissolved. Oh, if I went in and went out at will from the sacred forms, would I be a faithful God?  Think about it. Would I remain in the tabernacle despite My loneliness? Sometimes years of loneliness? Don’t you think that it would be more convenient for Me come out and come into the consecrated Host only when a pious soul comes to adore Me? Then, there would be no God on earth. Therein lays My sacrifice, that I gave Myself to you and I remain with you despite your ingratitude.

Acts of self-will during the distribution of My Most Holy Body wound Me and offend Me.  I experience attacks of desecration, but this is the price that I paid and still pay for My love. What kind of God would I be if I gave Myself only to those who love Me? No, I give Myself to everyone. I come to the good and to the bad, the weak and the sinful. I want to heal souls.


Translated from : Tajemnica Mszy świętej według św. Ojca Pio na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2013, p. 61

Image credit: “My Beloved is mine and I am His.The Sweet Rest of the child of Mary” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.