Dictated by Saint Joseph on 25.08.2013

Mary, the most holy Mother of God,
I come to You as a sinner, full of weakness and impotence.
But you are my Mother, so full of confidence
I wish to follow Your path everywhere with You.

Wherever You go, take me with You,
because I want to be with You forever, wherever You are.
Help me to become like You, so that despite my sinfulness,
I may be Your joy and the joy of God.

Grateful for Your motherly love, with which You listen to these sincere words of my soul,
I ask You humbly, listen to my requests and fulfill them for Your glory and the glory of Your Son,
so the Kingdom of God may become my inheritance,
and through this sacrifice, also the inheritance of my countless brothers and sisters:


O Mary,

take away my will, and give me Your will,
take away my thoughts, and give me Your thoughts,
tale away my feelings, and give me Your feelings,
take away my words, and give me Your words,
take away my deeds, and give me Your deeds,
take away my strength, and give me Your strength,
take away my desires, and give me Your desires.

Please, take away my pride and give me Your humility,
take away my mistrust and give me Your faith,
please, take away my love and give me Your Love.
Replace my impatience – with Your patience,
And my selfishness – with Your loving concern.
Bless me Mother for this journey, grasp my hand
and do not let me move away from You ever again, either in this life or the next.
Let me from this moment forever hold Your motherly hand.