Significance and symbolism of subsequent parts of the Holy Mass: after transubstantiation

After transubstantiation comes the time during which we accompany Jesus with the Most Holy Mother in His worst hours, hours of the greatest darkness and Passion on the cross, when His body and Soul were dying in pain, but his lips were still whispering psalms of atonement. Let us die of sorrow together with Him. Let us comfort His Mother, joining our prayer with the prayer of Christ on the cross, prayer for the entire mankind, prayer of adoration of the Father in the prayer ”Our Father”. Now, may the words of Jesus resonate, His last words to the Father, whispered over us, for us. Christ did not beg for His Soul, but for the souls of the world, the souls of all mankind, the souls of the Church and souls of priests. So when the priest says the prayers for the Church, for the living and for the dead, we should also join in these intentions, do not let our thoughts run away, but whisper in the spirit our prayers, united with the prayers of the priest.  


Translated from : Tajemnica Mszy świętej według św. Ojca Pio na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2013, p. 21-22 –