God has no mercy over pride


I want to show (…) how much I love humble souls, who do not exalt themselves though their intellect, who are able to see the enormity of their misery in front of My Majesty. Children, I do not say this in order to humiliate you, but to make you see the truth. You are nothing with your machines and your wise books. With one act of My Will, everything will turn to dust.

Do not think that anything beyond prayer and penance can save you. Only the infinite Mercy still protects you from annihilation; because despite your infinite misery, My Beloved Son was handed over and put to death. Because the love with which I have loved you knows no boundaries, and the sacrifice that I have made for you is infinite. I love each human being. What counts for Me is not his misery, but the love and the trust that he shows towards Me, the only God.

If man recognizes Me as his King, then I will reveal Myself to him as the King of Mercy. However, if someone fears My reign, then he will see the Righteous King; and only then his soul will tremble, because nobody can hide from My Just punishment. There is no soul that will escape that day from the Righteous Judgement, since My angles are already counting souls which belong to Me. My herd is not complete yet. You still have to suffer, so I can fulfill My Will.

I am the Lord, the Righteous God. Whoever desires the Justice of God – will not perish, but will see this Justice and will be amazed by My Power. However, human justice has a different nature. You want to explain everything and pay back everyone according to their deeds. I want to forgive everyone according to their deeds. I am only waiting for atonement to appease My righteous wrath against sinners. I will judge you according to your love. How much did you love Me, My Mother, and your brothers, and how much did you love the pleasures of the world. (…) I have mercy over the weakness of man, but I have no mercy over the pride of this generation.

Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p. 71-72