One God of all people incredibly loves each human being


Lord Jesus:  I am One. Whoever believes in Me and worships Me and whoever fulfils My Law of Mercy for his neighbours has a dwelling in the house of my Father and shall be saved. Do not tear My Body apart. I Am One, whether the God of Israelites, or Muslims, or Catholics. It is not My fault that you have divided Me so, when I Am One and Inseparable, and My Church is One and inseparable – the Holy Catholic Church, established by Me centuries ago, and still so vilified.

Children, I love you all and I do not condemn those who have not heard of Me, whose father and mother did not teach them to love Me, the One Savior of the World. I suffered for you all, of all nationalities and faiths. What am I to do about the fact that you do not want to embrace My Holy faith, that your eyes and ears are closed to the call of God.

Here I am the Lamb of God, convicted for you, spat upon, ridiculed and despised for you. Did I suffer so in order to save a handful now? Come to Me all who are weary and I will wipe away your tears. In Me is the salvation and the redemption of the world! In me is the redemption of sins. I am the Way to Heaven, to My Father. Get a hold of Me, even if you are of other denominations.  Believe in the Son of Man and I will remember you in the House of the Father. I will not deny those who loved Me. Believe! I God am still waiting for you.

I am Unchangeable and the Same since centuries, and you call Me with different names and quarrel who has a better God. Have the pagan times returned? I have enough of the Olympus of today’s world! As they once worshiped idols and demons and their horrendous offspring, so now they devote themselves to lawlessness, debauchery, and the glorification of things. All of this is vanity; all of this will burn when I will come for My Glory. Do not build castles on the sand, because I will demolish them. Only one dwelling is intended for you. Build in God, and I will reinforce your house. I will reinvigorate your hearts and draw them to Me. Children, do not dare to offend Me, since I am already so battered by your sins.

Come to your senses! I, God, call to you from the height of My Throne in Heaven. This generation will not pass as I will come to you! Beware of forgetting about Me that night, because I will no longer be indulgent and you will see My Justice, and My Justice is great! Let entire nations bow down before Me, because those who will not do this will not survive.

I am the Righteous God. Since centuries, I look with pain into your hearts. I know who committed what evil, and how much good for his fellow man. And a time will come when you will wipe bitterly over your sins and the wasted time. I love you children and My Heart breaks for this moment. I want so much to save you all and to attract you into the safety of My Arms. Come all My children until there is still time. I will shield you and will not let you be thrown into the everlasting fire. I would not be able to look at your misery. Let yourselves be saved! Cry out to Me for graces, and I will give them to you. Cling to My Mantle, and I will rescue you. Scream My Name when you are afraid, and I will come and shield you with My Arm. But own up to Me beloved, because now is the time when I am marking the foreheads of My servants.

Do not waste this great opportunity. Listen to My call and fall on your knees, because your eternal life is on the line. Save yourselves from the eternal pogrom, because I will not come down to hell for you, and you will regret forever that you did not listen to Me when I pleaded. I, God, implore you children; do not break the Heart of Your Mother. She cries so terribly when She sees you torn apart by Satan in hell. How the Mother’s heart aches at these horrible sights! Where are you are you going children?

Come to your senses! This is the last chance! I will not be calling any more. I have suffered enough for you, even though I would suffer more only to have you with Me and not to lose you forever. I God cry for you. Come back to Me My children, because My Heart bleeds at the thought of your misery. My enemy is already rubbing his hands with glee at the fact that that he will soon possess you, and you do not know what you agree upon by rejecting Me. It is a terrible misery, without God, without Love, Hope and Faith. I have created you. Without Me you are nothing but a discarded pile of misfortune, doomed for great torments for ever and ever.

As many stars in the sky, so many of My Children are already damned in hell, and subsequent crowds are approaching its gates.  And he who goes in there, in the darkness and in the abyss, will never see Me again. He will not see his loved ones too, unless in torment – inflicting great pain upon each other forever, because whoever does not reconcile with his enemies on earth will not reach eternal happiness. So I say to you, I, your God and your Invincible Lord, who have created you, fed you and will love you for all days until the end of the world.

The Heart of God is outraged, because I call to you from all the corners of the world, and you remain indifferent to it. I want to rescue you, and you ridicule Me. I am waiting for you children. The days are numbered. Reconcile with Me and wait. Look out for Me by calling upon My Mercy and the name of My Blessed Mother, because she has the power to rescue many souls in these times. So I am telling you, I, your Lord and your God Almighty, who have created everything and can destroy everything.

Do not dare to underestimate My words, but consider them in the solitude of your hearts and call upon Me, and I will speak to you and have mercy upon your lost souls. I, Lord Jesus Christ, bless this work, so it may become a source of Salvation for many. Amen.

Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p 49-52