God fell in love with man


Lord Jesus:  God fell in love with man. Did I not go to death for you? I know that you do not understand this. I did not die for all people at the same time. I died for each one of you individually. I had every one of you before My eyes and I had to accept death for every human being. I had all your faces before My eyes, children. I did not die for some ‘‘all people’’. I died for you (…). My father asked Me whether I want to die for you and I accepted this sentence without hesitation.

(…) I love each one of you individually and for each one of you I went through the whole Passion. There are pure souls that did not torture Me as much as other ungrateful ones. But children, you all sin and I pour My bloody tears for everyone, so do not think that they, the executioners, tortured Me two thousand years ago. No children, you are torturing Me every day since that time. How much do I still have to suffer before you return to Me? I know children that these are difficult things for you to grasp.

Such I have created you, so you would believe Me. What use would it be if you understood everything? Where would be the place for faith? Believe in My Love for you and listen to My call. Everything that I have for you is good. And if you were once rescued from death, sickness or an accident, know that it was I who rescued you. I carry you in My hands and rock you to sleep when you cry. I am so Merciful, so consider children how you repay Me for that Love and do not hesitate to reconcile with Me in the confessional.

It is not the priest who is sitting there, children. It is I who speak with you there through My servant. Do not think about the priest and about his imperfections, because I myself will settle accounts with him, but think only about yourselves and about Me. When you kneel before the confessional and sincerely want to unite with Me, only the two of us are there. My Spirit speaks through the priest and what he says, it is I who say it to you. And what you say to him – you say it to Me, and what he will forgive you – it is I who forgive it in Heaven and I do not remember it any more. For Me, you are clean and new. I want to live in you and spend with you every moment, because you are My beloved children. If a priest has ever treated you wrong, know that it was not Me, but Satan impersonating Me. I am Love, and even if I chasten you, I do it with love. And those who will humble themselves and repent from their sinful life will not know My anger.

Do penance for these sins, because here on earth it is much easier that after death. After death, you are only at the mercy of My grace, because you can not help yourselves at all. Now you can still help yourselves and repent with a light penance in comparison to what would await for you in purgatory. Ask Me for forgiveness and repentance, and I will give it to you. I will guide you straight to My kingdom, where your souls will rest in bliss among other souls as joyful as yours.

The heavenly happiness is as unimaginable for you as the infinity of the universe, but I say to you that you will achieve this happiness if you have faith.

So ask the Heavenly Father for true faith, and you will get it, because now I have the last graces for the world. Now I am giving away these graces. Ask Me so that you too may have part in My blessing. I am Jesus. Son of the One God. Whoever believes in Me shall not die, but will live forever. Amen.

Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p. 44-46