God loves everyone but does not show it to everyone in the same way (2)


Lord Jesus:   (…) he who loves Me is himself unable to find the words to express the magnitude of his feelings. It is difficult to express with words the love and closeness that are sensed by the creature whom I love. Many saints have described it using various metaphors. You love and talk in a simple way. The way in which you receive Me is a great joy for Me and I expect such an attitude from all My children. Accept Me and love Me above all your conceptions about loving God. You can not enclose this love in a one and only defined area. The love with which you love God… how is it? What can you tell Me about love?

I have revealed to you love, mad love, a martyr’s love, and you can not comprehend it. Now, when I reveal to you a caring and tender love, you comprehend it even less. Don’t you reject My love always and everywhere? What kind of love should I reveal to you so you may comprehend its infinity?

I am the one who comes and brings everything that the soul needs, but which one of you is able to receive Me? If you need money, it is not Me that you call. If you are looking for applause, you will not accept Me, because I give love. And how many of you are looking for true love instead of satisfaction and comforts in life?

I am the one who gives all love. I am Love and besides Me any other kind of love does not exist, because I am the Plenitude of Love and Love itself. No one who truly loves can love besides Me. So do not tell Me that I can not love My children with the love that I desire to love them.

You bring Me down by saying vile things about My works. The impure heart should not think that it can discern a pure heart. Your thoughts and deeds are repulsive and you judge My words. Who are you to tell Me what is good and what is bad?

I God Almighty will create My works and show them to My beloved children. Who is looking for love will find it.  Who is looking only for his own glory will be put to shame by My words, will not believe them and will strike against My words (…).

Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p. 47-48