God is Almighty and Incomprehensible


Guardian Angel:  The Lord has shown you great Mercy. (…) He came to you basically as a man, so you would not be afraid, would trust Him and fall in love with Him. But God is not a man, although He revealed himself in human form. God is Almighty. What you see and feel is a tiny piece of His Divinity. God is Infinite, Incomprehensible, Uncharted. You can not understand Him in any way, unless you receive the grace of knowledge.

Do not be afraid though, because the more severely He speaks to you, the closer He allows you to get to Him. (…) God is so gracious to you that you see Him in a way known to you as kind and harmless. But if you saw His Power, you would be afraid to breathe in His presence. He lets you feel Him, this is why you are afraid. However, do not be afraid since you know how much He loves you. You also love Him.

Those who love God do not have to fear Him so because He is very gracious to them; so do not be afraid. See on what path God is leading you. He attracts you to Himself with His gentleness, but when you want to feel Him closer, you need to give Him due honour, forget about his indulgence and always fall on your knees. Do you understand? He forgives you everything and turns a blind eye on many things, but do not count on it. Just fall on your face before Him, because He is the Infinite, the Supreme God. (…) Do not be afraid of the Most High, but carry out dutifully everything that He orders. His Name is blessed. Call upon Him always in all doubts, call upon Jesus and Mary.

Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p. 39-40