God lonely in His sanctuaries


Lord Jesus: They should keep going to their parish and offer to Me all the humiliation and unpleasantness associated with it in the intention of this parish. It will not last long, because I need praise in My Church. Who will love Me and praise Me when they will leave? Do not think about the priests, think of Me. I live there, it is My house. I have not stopped living there because the traditions got spoiled. I am still there, only more forsaken and lonely. I need you. If it is so hard for you to withstand it there for half an hour, think of Me. I remain there all the time with the priests who should worship Me and who are not doing it. All these empty hearts surround Me from all sides. Make amends to Me for this desertion. I am waiting for you. Do not be afraid, because the time will come when you will rejoice, but do not leave Me now.

Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p. 82