Reflection about the motherhood of Mary


Mother of God:  God, by becoming one with Me, created a new human race, and although it is burdened with the original sin, it is healed with the love our two Hearts, martyr Hearts, atoning Hearts. Man is not who he used to be; he is a new creature having a Father and a Mother. Although God is the Father and the Mother of all creation, He made me the Mother of all people, so that you might be raised by a feminine hand, with greater affection, with greater tenderness; so that through Me you may know how to better love the Father; so that by seeing how I love Him, you may imitate My love.

I am a gift of God’s love so that all people may experience the love of a Mother and a Father. I do not give to you anything from Myself, because I Myself do not own anything. Everything that I give to you, I sucked it out from the breast of My only Mother, The One Who Is, the Only One, Who is, was and will be. Besides Him there is nothing, and everything that is, is only within Him and through Him. My entire maternal care and love does not come from Me, but it is a reflection of the love of God, who through Me wants to show, to reveal and to give Himself to you as a Mother. Do not think of Me as an independent creature, given to you as a Mother. I am created from God, because He is all that is, established in me His will and His love, and woke Me with a kiss, and revived in Me all men so they may be His will and His love, a perfect reflection of this will and love. I do not have anything from myself, but everything from the grace of God. By adoring Me, you adore God, because I myself do not exist, I exists only in God and for God. I was created for this, and it is My breath, without which My soul could not exist.

So Come to Me, My children, knowing that God loves you in Me, through Me he shows you gentleness and patience, through Me He increases His glory. I do not increase His light, but I shine with His light, not My own. I return the whole glory to God the Father who created me, to Jesus Christ who exalted Me, and to the Holy Spirit who fulfilled me. Amen, My children. Praise the one God and all His works.


Translated from : Kontemplacja Maryi na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2014, p. 16-17