I want to be a Mother for you

Fire of love

Mother of God:  I would like that all people acknowledge the authority of My Son. I desire that they obey Him, but I’m also glad from those few who already believe and honour My Son now, before they will see the signs. I would like to tell you that the love, with which I embrace you, can not be contained in My Heart, and I always have to pour it out on mankind.  I will not stop My love, but I will love you with the strength of a Mother who is waiting for her children. Yes, I am waiting for you in Heaven. I would like that all My children were already with me. Then, I would no longer have to be afraid for you. However, while you remain in the world, so much evil can happen to you and I can not for a moment let you out of My sight.

In Heaven it is different. There are no more worries. There is only love. I do not have to fear for the loss of your souls. Only the joy of having children agreeable to My Heart remains for Me. My Son has gifted Me beyond measure; I want to fill this measure with My children, who will become holy. You have to understand that I would like you to resemble Me, so you may please My Son. Resemblance is acquired by imitation. Just like small children learn everything from their parents, in the same way you should look at Me and learn everything from Me. You will become like Me only if you will spend much time with Me, and in all the intricacies of your life, you will ask yourselves the question: ”What My Mother would have done? ” Proceed like Me, and you will become like Me.

Staying with Me means to contemplate My life among the turmoil of your own lives. Then the turmoil will change into peace. At any time, you can use My motherly help and advice. I wish to be a Mother for you. Remember that where I am, there is also My Son. By submitting to My care, you will draw the blessing of God. Staying with Me – is looking at My image in your houses, – is asking for My opinion in difficult times, – is entrusting your life to Me and contemplating My life, in order to conform your own to it. The contemplation of My life is the rosary, in which is hidden My entire life in all its mysteries. Family life should be centred around Me and around my rosary. Then, it is out of the question for the family to fall apart. I am the Mother in these families, which worship Me as a Mother. What mother would allow for her children to fall? She is always close enough to protect them. Even if it happens that they fall, she will hurry right away to their rescue.

So listen to what I ask of you. I would like to be in the heart of each home, in the place where you spent the most time, where you talk together, laugh and take important decisions. I would like that My image may to symbolize your bond with Me. Although hidden, my presence is certain there, where I am worshipped as a Mother. I will create a fire of love in the heart of every home, in which My image is placed where the whole family meets. This fire will not allow conjugal love to go out, will not allow for hatred and jealousy, will alleviate all disputes, and will fill you with peace. This fire of love is My Heart, in which I will protect you, teach you and lead you. This fire of love is lit and fuelled through prayer, mutual love and patient sacrifice. You should always gather around this fire, so your families may remain strong and joined by unbreakable bonds. Introduce My love in your relationships, and you will see what will happen. I will teach you to love. I will teach you to see one another through My eyes. I love you all very much and I want to be close to you, so I may help and support you in everything. Entrust to Me all your troubles. I will take care of them. I bless you My children.


Translated from : Kontemplacja Maryi na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2014, p. 33-35