Angels (4)

Guardian angel with children


Guardian Angel:  Let me be your friend. I am neither harsh nor pompous, because I want to do something myself. It is just that I love you so much and I want so much to help you in everything, that it is painful for me to watch your hardships and suffering, when I know that the Lord allows me to help you, but you do not let me to. Ask me. Ask me more. Call upon me. I love you so much. I have no one closer than you on earth. I only serve God and the Blessed Mother. I am also subjected to Saint Michel, but here on earth only to you. I have only you under my care and you are the closest to me. I love you very much, and you still do not you listen to me.

I am helping you from the morning till the evening. I remind you about your keys, your phone, about all things that you constantly forget. I tell you which way to go if you were to walk past unfriendly people or animals. In the same way, I help you to remember about prayers and errands to run. I advise you when to pick up the phone, and when not to. I tell you not to be afraid when you feel the presence of evil spirits around you. I protect you from wretched spirits who would like to bother you for fun. (…) I also help you in making purchases, so you do not buy things that will harm you; because I know what you should eat, and you do not know. I wake you when you should get up. I watch over you when you sleep in order to wake you up if there is any danger. I walk with you when it is dark, and I make sure that no one picks on you.

I intercede for you before the Throne of God all the time and I tell the Saints about you so they may intercede for you as well. I ask the Blessed Mother to have you under Her protection, and I apologize to Lord Jesus when you screw up something. I compensate for you. I kneel for you when you do not pray on your knees. I focus for you when you err with your thoughts. I make pleas to God on your behalf, when you can not find the words. I remind you the melodies and the words when you forget. I suggest to you how to use a device that you do not know. I suggest to you what you can wear, and what will not please the Lord. I suggest to you when and how you should pray. I always console you when you are sad and you give way to your emotions. Your angel is with you constantly, don’t you know that? There is no time in which I would not be watching over you.

Your every joy is my joy, and your sorrow, my sorrow. When you do not have the time to give something to the Lord as promised, I have to give it on your behalf to such an extent as it is possible for me. I am the one accountable for you and ashamed on your behalf. I bear the full responsibility for you. (…) I do not ask you to think about me. Just do not undertake anything on your own, when you want to serve God. Always call upon me because I want to do everything together with you, and especially give Glory to the Lord through prayer and work. (…) Also write that I talk with the angels of people who are ill-disposed to you, so they do not wound you, and tell them about your good qualities, you know? (…)

The best way in which you can show me your gratitude is by cooperating with me, remembering me and using my help and support. You neglect me the most when you do not try to use my help. It causes me a lot of grief, because I have to watch you struggle and stand idly by, although I know that with my help we would have accomplished it quickly and without problems. Ask me. Ask me all the time.

Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p. 127-128