The Mother of souls


Mother of God:  I spoke yesterday about My motherly love. I will tell you however why man has ceased to believe that he has a Mother in Heaven. First of all, he ceased to believe in Heaven, in Hell and in the eternal reality. Today, all the attention of man is focused on meeting the needs of the moment, not on eternity which starts only after his death. I am a Mother forever and I belong to the world of the spirit. Deceived by the delusion of temporal things, you do not seek to build eternal things. The bond with Me is a spiritual reality. I’m the Mother of your souls, not of your bodies. However, your souls are drowned out by your bodies. You do not recognize Me anymore. Only when God himself will remove the husks from your eyes, you can recognize me, and feel how much you desire Me as a Mother. I hold your souls close to My Heart. I hug them all in My maternal womb.

Children, you must understand that your souls are not alone; they have a Mother that constantly intercedes for them. I’m talking about your souls because only they are able to perceive Me and love Me, and only they are truly significant. Remember that the Mother, which God gave to you, is the same Mother, which He has chosen for himself. By giving you the same which He has gifted to himself, He makes you His brothers and exalts you. In this mystery you can see the humility and the love of God, who keeps nothing for himself, but wants to share everything with you.

My child, do not be afraid. Everything that you write comes directly from Me, from your Mother. If you could see the human soul, it is an accurate reflection of the thoughts and the life that one leads. Each day is reflected on the the soul and makes it beautiful or repulsive. It all depends only on you. If you want to be like Me and feel My care more deeply, you need to become more spiritual, more dedicated to prayer and thought, rather than the contemplation of this world. As a spiritual Mother, I am pushed away by your sins. The more pure your souls are, the closer I am to you.

Translated from : Kontemplacja Maryi na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2014, p. 25-26