A Mother for the End Times

Explanation of the symbolism of Marian apparitions in San Sebastian de Garabandal (Spain).

Our Lady of Garabandal


Mother of God: Let me tell you about My call, which has not been understood. I am a Mother always. I am a Mother especially in the moments when you need help. I desire that in times of uncertainty, difficulties, confusion or danger, you call upon me Me for help. As a Mother, I always come when called by a child in need. I am also a Mother in the middle of the night. The one that watches over the cradle, and when she hears crying, runs over to soothe the child. Especially at night, when the world appears evil and unfriendly, I am with you through My maternal care. I wish to show you that no matter what is going on around you, no matter how very dark and how very dangerous it is, as long as you follow My voice, nothing bad will happen to you.

Each one of My interventions in the world brings you clues and answers to the questions that are troubling you. Garabandal is your map for these times. I show you how you should live, in order to find Me in the turmoil of this age and not lose faith. I ask you for a complete trust in My motherly love and care for you. If I am leading you, and if you believe that this is the case, you do not have to fear neither darkness nor a difficult road, or the dangers that are waiting for you. No storm can separate you from Me, because I am a Mother to you, and the more dangerous it becomes around you, the more you will feel My presence. Your falls do not matter, because if you truly listen to My voice, you still fall into My arms, and I tenderly lift you up. I am present on your journey, I am present in your families, I live with you and accompany you in your daily affairs. I do not want to be your Mother only on holidays. I want to be your Mother in your homes, in the midst of your ordinary, daily activities. I do not care as much for worship as for trust, so that I could care for you, staying always close to you. Therefore I ask that you always stay close to Me.

My entire message is encompassed in the symbolism of life as a road. When you travel on this road with Me, listening to My call, you will overcome it quickly despite all the obstacles, not causing yourself any harm and promptly experiencing My consolation. Your life is a difficult road, full of inconveniences, full of a variety of snares and temptations. But if you go through it, calling upon Me in prayer, nothing bad will happen to you. You will run over everything that will cause others to stumble. If your hearts are open to My voice, and your eyes fixed on Heaven, nothing will be difficult for you. You will not wander off, because you will surrender to My will and it is I who I will lead you. Your life should consist of stepping in full confidence, without wondering where God leads you and why He is doing so. You should always go where the grace of God leads you. Do not look for justifications of God’s Will. Also, do not look for understanding among people, for whom your road may appear to be a pointless tangle. God knows your path and He leads you. Remember always to trust, and never separate yourselves from Me.

You should always go through your life with the rosary prayer on your lips, eyes fixed upon Heaven and its mysteries. You do not have to look at the ground, in order not to stumble. Falls are dangerous only for those who look at the ground, not for those who keep staring at Heaven. Follow Me with full confidence. I will always protect you, and although earthly laws will restrict you, do not care for them, because everything in this world happens according to God’s Will. If your trust is complete, the earth will surrender to you, because you will use it for higher purposes. You will step on it, only to bounce towards Heaven. You will easily defeat what will defeat others, and you will surpass everyone on the way to Me. I’m waiting for you all. I wish that you do not wait for my supernatural call, since I address it to you in a simple and straightforward way. Through each sign on Earth, through each vocation, I speak to each one of you. Through My graces given to chosen souls, I instruct all My children.

So remember that, even though I call you in the darkness, even though danger lurks everywhere, it is sufficient to trust and you will always fulfil My will and serve as an example to others of how carefully I look after those who put their entire trust in Me, not caring for what is human, but looking only for help from Heaven.


My words are finished for the time being. I no longer wish to speak about this subject. What I have told you is sufficient to understand and to draw graces from what has happened here. In every place on Earth where I come, I bring graces and blessings, as a Mother who returns to Her children from afar. I brought a lot of graces to Garabandal. If people had believed, they would have drawn on those graces. However, without faith, grace disappears and I have no one to give it to. Mankind must turn once again towards Garabandal to receive the grace of forgiveness. The rejection of these messages was a great loss for mankind. My daughter, the struggle which you are carrying on in Poland bears fruit at this place for the whole world.

Translated from : Kontemplacja Maryi na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2014, p. 27-30