Consequences of modernism


Mother of God:  Since the enemy of the holy Church has already penetrated inside the Church, you can not obey him and abide by his will. You have to consider, My children, what makes My Son happy and what hurts Him. Act prudently and without anger, but My Son has already called out in many places in the world, how unworthily He is received. The renewal of the Church must happen through such souls, through the smallest souls, which love the Lord above all things. (…)

My child, Christ has many times repeated to you, how much He is humiliated by your lack of faith and awareness. It is you that make up the Church of God. You are its members and the state of the Church depends upon you, My children. Upon you lays the full responsibility of the internal transformation of the Church and the return to its roots, but not in the sense in which the Scribes tell you. Not to the times of the apostles, but to recent times, preceding the time in which Satan was released on Earth to begin his work of destruction of the Church of God. All the liturgical attitudes preceding this time were very pious and humble towards God.

The goal of modernism in the Church of God is to confuse the Lord’s sheep; so that they lose their faith in the truth of the holy Sacraments. I know that they will accuse you of disobedience to the priests, but, My children, wasn’t Christ also reprimanded for performing miracles on the Sabbath? He also through His works of mercy defied the law. But isn’t Love unto itself a law?

Therefore, My children, kneel on your knees. Only your knees can renew the Church, only your sacrifices can renew the hearts of this people. Do not be afraid. In all your undertakings, if you are guided by love towards God and towards people, you will not go astray. Remember that by showing respect to God, you serve Him best. New laws in the Church are only laws established by man. You have to remain faithful to God in your conscience. My servant, and your Pope, clearly shows you the direction. Children kneel on your knees, because the degree of profanation of God in today’s churches is so great, that it has never been so in all times.

Make amends to the Lord, for great are His sufferings inflicted upon Him by His closest souls. Do not be afraid. My Son also has been hailed as a rebel and a troublemaker, and did he not act out of love and with love only? In the same way, you My children, do not be afraid to bear witness to the true presence of the Lord in the Sacrament of Holy Communion and kneel on your knees, as the Holy Spirit commands you in your souls.

Translated from : Kontemplacja Maryi na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2014, p. 38-39