A Mother’s Love


Mother of God: My message relates to My maternal care for you. I want everyone to understand that I am your true Mother, because God has made me a Mother. I am a Mother. This is My first name – Mother. I stand in front of you as a Mother, and I want to be known as a Mother. A mother’s love can not be compared to any other love. It is unique, pure, and invincible. Can it ever surrender? Can it give up on love? Being a mother means to embrace love and live for love. Each mother will understand my words and everyone who has known the love of a mother – will understand. I chose love, embraced love and live for love. Out of love, I accepted all my children into my heart, although I experienced the pain that will be caused by their death.

Today I come to tell you about Myself as a Mother. I want you to understand that I am not different from other mothers. Like all mothers, I desire to be close to My children, I desire to protect them, comfort them, and instruct them so they may avoid the misfortunes and dangers, which the world is if full of. And like every mother, I desire their love. Do I remember the pain that they inflicted upon me? No, I do not remember. Will a mother reproach her child the pain of childbirth? Not at all. I also do not remember your sins when you confess them in the sacrament of penance. Do not be afraid to come to Me because of your sins. I do not remember them. I love. I love you even more, because I know how much it came to Me to suffer for your existence. I accept the life of every person as a miracle of a new conception and a new birth. I will never say: I already have enough children. I desire each one of you and I love each one of you. My maternal love is simple. If you do not know how to talk to Me, talk to Me as if you would talk to your own mother or in the way you would want to talk to her.

My Daughter, My maternal care for the world is of great importance, because as a Mother I always shield My children from even well-deserved punishment. I will never oppose the Will of God, but also I will never stop interceding for you. There is still hope. I ask you for improvement. If the world believes that I am its Mother and wishes to hide in My maternal arms, it will find salvation. The danger lies in the fact that mankind does not ask for its Mother’s help. Countless souls flee from under My care and I can not stop them. Countless souls do not believe that I love them and I am their Mother. Countless souls believe that they are indifferent to Me, that they are too impure to receive my care. They are unable to love Me, because they are afraid that once they take My hand, they will be unable to let it go. But I just want to restrain them from jumping into the abyss. Believe me.

If you believe in My love, you will believe that I yearn for your peace and happiness. If you believe in this, then you will be able to trust Me, and when you trust Me, you will go where I go, everywhere after Me, and so straight to Heaven. Do never allow yourself to doubt my love. Celebrate Me above anything else. Does anything count for a mother above her children? A mother is able to devote her last forces to save her child. I live for you. My Heart is torn between love wishing for mercy and love wishing for justice.

My daughter, yes, I live for God, but God created Me for you. Would there be a need for Redemption, if a man tainted by sin did not have to exist?

Translated from : Kontemplacja Maryi na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2014, p. 23-24