The Mother of God about the fight with Satan


Mother of God: I Mary am their (evil spirits) terror. My purity strikes them, child. They can not stand the purity of the vessel in which resided God Himself. In the same way, when you carry God within you, you are their biggest enemy and they are afraid of you. Remember this fact, that no evil spirit can harm you when you have within you the Most High God. They do not always know it, and approach you boldly, but you should call on the name of the Most High, and do not be afraid that the Lord has left you as their prey, because it is not so. However, you must learn to call upon the name of Jesus, call upon your God to your own defense. The Lord watches over you, but you have to call upon Him. What is your merit, when He always speaks to you first, calls upon you ? Cry out to Him, call upon Him with confidence. (…) He is a reliable defense against evil spirits, but you have to ask Him. Call upon the name of your God, Jesus Christ.

Translated from : Kontemplacja Maryi na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2014, p. 65