1. Since a long time You are the queen of Poland


Mother of God:  You can always call upon Me and I will always come. Quite like a mother who will hear the voice of her child in the middle of the night. She will get up from sleep and will run to him. In the same way, I will always come running to each of My children on Earth. Today I am present beside you, but I want you to know that you only sometimes feel My presence, while I have promised you My presence always. Therefore you never have to be afraid. I am and I will be protecting you during all that time, which you will spend on Earth. I have chosen you to make famous My name in Wykrot, a small and meaningless village, to which however I have truly descended. Listen to Me, I have not revealed yet everything that I want to accomplish through this place and this apparition. When I will accomplish everything, everything will become clear and apparent. Believe Me. Await My blessing. Through humble prayers brought to Me to this place, I desire to remind the people of this land, and also all of Poland, where is its rescue. (…)

I want you to trust in My blessing, which I have brought to you the first time, and never feel fear knowing that I always stand besides you as I have promised to you. I would like you to continue to teach people humble prayer and dedication. I would like you to continue to bring souls to Me and wholeheartedly entrust yourself to Me in this place, which I have chosen for you. There I always wait for you and there I will always hear out your requests. I would like you to trust My will in this place and understand what I desire to accomplish there. Listen, today you give yourself to Me wholeheartedly, because you have seen My miracles. My heart is open for Poland and I want to perform a miracle for her. Do you want to help Me in this ?



11. Prayer can change the fate of the world


Listen to Me. I do not come to you to arouse your fear, but to prepare you for what will happen. The punishment that hangs over the world, is great. Pretending that it does not exist will not help. I pray and I call you to prayer, but it is getting worse in the world. My prayer must be supported by your prayer, that’s why I come and ask. I am trying to make you aware of the danger that threatens you. You do not want to hear about it, but that will not help to distance it. Prayer can change the fate of the world, it can change the fate of mankind. The justice of God will not cease to exist and will certainly speak, but God’s anger can be assuaged, and for this reason I am coming precisely to you.

Pray. Do not stop praying with faith. Satan loses many souls because they are not aware of his presence and action. People are not afraid of Satan and his power over them, and he is the prince of destruction who tramples My works and harasses My children. The world succumbs to him, because it does not know him. The world succumbs to him, because it does not believe in him. The world is subjected to him through sin and lack of prayer. Satan does not have any power over those who pray and call for God’s help with humility. The only way to persevere in the good is to completely sacrifice oneself to God. Those who belong to God in name only will not persevere, because a great fight is being waged, in which the weak in faith will not be able to persevere. Everything is possible with God, but without His help, human souls are permeated with sin and become slaves to Satan. You ignore the danger and My warning because you do not see the evil that surrounds you. You have become accustomed to evil, you let it into your homes, and, on the contrary, you forced Me to leave them.

My children, I reveal Myself to you as your Mother and I warn you against a danger that you do not see. Satan wants to lull you to sleep for this time, which is decisive for the fate of the world. I desire to awaken you, so that you may use the time of God’s Mercy. The whole world is submerged in lethargy and focused on things that will cease to exist in a moment. Only God is eternal. Only love has value. All the rest is fleeting like fog. You must believe Me, because when you will see it, it will already be too late. I am calling you to prayer with your whole heart. If you hear My words, listen to My call.

Your prayer will decide about the fate of the world. As long as I can speak, I will be coming everyday and everyday I will be cautioning mankind. After, it will be too late and the time of mercy will change into the time of justice. Pray now. Do not wait for the old age, which you might not live to see at all. Believe Me, this time on Earth is only a trial in which you must choose the Lord of your future life and the kingdom in which you will stay forever. The choice is being made on Earth, and thanks to your free will you can choose for yourselves, but it is a choice forever. You can only choose once, and then there is no turning back. Your every decision determines your will and your choice. After this life, eternity awaits you. Eternal life with My Son, in His love and glory, or on the contrary, life without God, without love, with the son of perdition, in endless suffering and hatred. Then, I will not be able to do anything about your bad choices. Your every action places you in one of these places and determines your father. Take My words deeply to heart and do not give in to apparent lukewarmness. If you reject God as a Father, you can not be His children. Whoever does not give glory to God in this world also will not be giving it to Him in the next world. Accept the truth about the trial to which you are subjected before your return to Paradise. It is not so difficult. All you need to do is to acknowledge God as your Savior and carry out His Will. I am teaching you His Will in all the places in which I appear. You just have to wake up from lethargy and start to live consciously every day, living in God and for God already in your lifetime. Trust Me that only He can give you the happiness that you desire. I bless you. Amen.


16. The true meaning of the title: ‘’Queen of Poland’’


My child, you come to Me with the hope that I will save the world. If people believed that through prayer they can actually improve the fate of the world and their own fate, the world would be saved, but so few believe, My Daughter. I appear precisely for that reason, so you may get to know that I am real and that My title: “Queen of Poland” is not an inscription created by an artist, it is not a pious wish of your ancestors, but the actual role that was granted to Me under the law in force in your country many years ago. Until I become deprived of My title also under the force of law, I am your Queen. Therefore, the fate of My nation is not indifferent to Me. I want to remind you about this title, because you say it with your lips, but not your heart.  Saying it with the heart means the recognition of My authority and wisdom and the rights to guide your nation.

When I appear, I come as a Mother worried about the fate of her children. In Poland, however, I appear as your Queen, because while being a Mother, I do not cease being a Queen. The title, which was given to Me, authorizes Me to interfere in the fate of Poland and to express My will towards the entire nation. I do not want to take away the power of the rulers through My apparitions, but I desire to indicate errors and the direction in which you should go. I desire for My will to be respected. The reverence, which you give Me, is too small. It is not enough to seemingly honor Me by preserving My devotions. I would like to restore faith to Poland in the fact that she has a Queen. My authority in this country, however, is only as strong as the support that I find among My subjects. Thus, My prominent place in your homes is so important.

I come to your homes as a Mother, but I dwell in them as the Queen. I bring you my Son, the King of the whole world, to be the King of your homes. Do not reject Him, but worship Him and ask Him to remain with you forever. Usurpers strive to take away His authority, but His authority is eternal and can never be taken away from Him. Jesus is asking you for the Crown not because He does not possess it, but for you, so that you may find salvation in His loving arms. I came to Wykrot as the Queen of Poland and I brought you the King. My Son will reign, because if He only wants, I will always yield Him My place and will sit at His feet, to worship Him. My throne belongs to Him. My subjects are His subjects, and each of My Crowns adorns His forehead. Each of My victories is His victory. I lead you to the Truth. Do not be afraid of the Truth, because it is only love. I bless you all in the name of My Son. Amen.


20. Request for prayer and love


I greet you, My daughter. Do not be afraid of calling Me “Mother”. I desire that people see the true Mother in me, close, alive and loving. I am not different in any way from your mothers as a Mother, because I desire happiness and love for you. However, I am the Mother of the Only-Begotten God and for this reason I have received great honors. You, however, remember that I still remain your Mother, even when I sit on the throne in Heaven. I will never stop being a Mother and I will never stop loving you.

I desire very much that people see in Me their Helper. I am on your side, fighting for your Salvation. I pray for you to My Son, to obtain for you the graces needed for Salvation. Pray together with Me. I come again to call you to prayer.  I have asked you for love and prayer. For prayer is the turning in life towards God. Prayer transforms priorities and gives sense to the life of man. Prayer calms and transforms the soul. If man suffers due to anxiety and can not find relief in his pain, it means that he is not praying, because prayer always obtains God’s consolation and the Holy Spirit descends on those who call Him. God sends His angel to those who suffer, so that he would fortify them. Pray, and then you will experience consolation.

Pray properly. Prayer is not a recitation of formulas. Prayer is a conversation with the Father. Prayer is a conversation with the Savior. Prayer is getting closer to the mystery of the Holy Spirit. Prayer is a trial of faith, which repeated slowly strengthens the faith and makes it a tool to win graces for all mankind. Prayer is entrusting oneself to the Will of God. Prayer is a thanksgiving professed with the heart, not the lips. Prayer is remaining with the heart in Heaven. Prayer is the relocation of one’s heart to Heaven and the worshiping of hidden truths within it.

My children, I want to teach you to pray, since I repeat to you on and on: … “Pray”, but you do not understand Me. Your prayers are rushed. Your prayers are the fulfillment of duty. It is not enough. I want prayer to become your life. An act of love and faith raising up to God. Learn to live like true children of God, constantly staring at their Father and looking for an example in My Son as the perfect Son of God. In imitating His life, you will fulfill your own and achieve perfection. I am asking you for conscious prayer. In addition to prescribed prayers sent to God, also strive to send Him your own acts of love, and this does not mean at all words. It can be a look alone combined with the desire of the heart. All you need is to desire God’s presence and help to receive His help. The more consciously the prayer is said, the greater value it has.


Translated from: Przyszłam, żeby zwyciężyc. Grzechynia 2015, p. 5-94