1. Since a long time You are the queen of Poland


Mother of God:  You can always call upon Me and I will always come. Quite like a mother who will hear the voice of her child in the middle of the night. She will get up from sleep and will run to him. In the same way, I will always come running to each of My children on Earth. Today I am present beside you, but I want you to know that you only sometimes feel My presence, while I have promised you My presence always. Therefore you never have to be afraid. I am and I will be protecting you during all that time, which you will spend on Earth. I have chosen you to make famous My name in Wykrot, a small and meaningless village, to which however I have truly descended. Listen to Me, I have not revealed yet everything that I want to accomplish through this place and this apparition. When I will accomplish everything, everything will become clear and apparent. Believe Me. Await My blessing. Through humble prayers brought to Me to this place, I desire to remind the people of this land, and also all of Poland, where is its rescue. (…)

I want you to trust in My blessing, which I have brought to you the first time, and never feel fear knowing that I always stand besides you as I have promised to you. I would like you to continue to teach people humble prayer and dedication. I would like you to continue to bring souls to Me and wholeheartedly entrust yourself to Me in this place, which I have chosen for you. There I always wait for you and there I will always hear out your requests. I would like you to trust My will in this place and understand what I desire to accomplish there. Listen, today you give yourself to Me wholeheartedly, because you have seen My miracles. My heart is open for Poland and I want to perform a miracle for her. Do you want to help Me in this ?

Translated from: Przyszłam, żeby zwyciężyc. Grzechynia 2015, p. 5-94